Woodpigeon migrates home

After an extensive tour of Europe this year, local folk-pop ensemble Woodpigeon is coming home.

Singer and songwriter Mark Hamilton, Woodpigeon’s front man, relishes a return to his roots and the chance to play for a home crowd.

“It’s always interesting … because the people at those shows are the folks who’ve watched you perform from the beginning. So I think they might expect more from you,” Hamilton says.
However, high expectations are balanced out by the relaxed atmosphere of a crowd full of friends and family, which affords more freedom to “try out new things and even fall flat on your face,” Hamilton says.  “It’s a good testing ground.”

Described as a Renaissance man, Hamilton treasures the friendships forged during his artistic beginnings, and acknowledges the significance of belonging to a local scene while nurturing artistic aspirations.

“You’re nothing without the friends you make at the start,” he says.

“I know I never would have been able to perform anywhere had I not had the support of fellow local musicians.”

To date, Woodpigeon has released three full-length studio albums. The debut album, Songbook, was released in 2006 followed up by with tours to the UK, Ireland, and Germany. Their sophomore album, Treasury Library Canada, was released in 2008 and sold the first 1,000 copies within weeks.

Fuelled by the international acclaim lavished on their third studio album, Die Stadt Muzikanten, the band was propelled into a European tour earlier this year. From May to October, Woodpigeon played shows in Iceland, Germany, Italy, and England, and will now settle down, or least settle closer to home. They’re embarking on prairie tour with a series of shows across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Woodpigeon plays at The Gate on Nov. 18.

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