Get your rub on at couples massage class

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In the age of the “pound,” Mardelle Hansen says there’s a lack of meaningful physical contact between people.

“People are afraid to be touched,” says Hansen, a registered massage therapist who’s teaching an upcoming couples massage class at SAIT. “There is a (bond) that needs to be connected more.”

Hansen describes the connection between partners as the most important aspect of couples massage. “(Massaging) is comfort, you have to reach a comfort level,” says Hansen, who has been practicing her hands-on career since 1985 and also teaches classes through the Calgary Health Region.

Connecting with your partner helps to take the edge off of giving and receiving a massage. Hansen believes a massage is not only physical but mental as well, and that a person must “massage their mind into relaxing.”

To best achieve this comfort and connection between partners, Hansen says it’s important to first rest your hands on your partner.

“Just let your hands sit there a little bit longer and (let them) know that it’s OK,” says Hansen.
She adds that the tendency while giving massages is to rush, and to be too focused on what you are doing, rather than connecting and focusing on your partner. “We all have to get connected in relaxing together.”

SAIT Recreation is offering the couples massage class on Nov. 14 and Dec. 16. It’s a two-hour evening class, and will be held in the Campus Centre.

“Doing a course like this is fun,” says Hansen. “It’s easy and I keep the communication going so (people) can come into what they are doing.”

Hansen says she creates an easy-going environment to clear out any misconceptions and apprehensions her students may have about attending a massage class.

“They’re coming to relax. I’m here to teach them something that they can do to still make somebody feel better,” says Hansen. “That’s my goal; we’re here to help somebody feel better.”

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