Turn up the scare, turn down the waste

Spooked by Halloween’s eco footprint? It’s tough to break consumer habits when it comes to Halloween, but reducing your environmental impact isn’t all that scary.

Here are a few tips to make your Halloween a little greener.

1. Make your own costume

Erin McLaughlin, manager of the Ecostore in Calgary, suggests avoiding pre-made costumes in favour of using what’s in your closet to save money and space in the landfill.

2. Make your own decorations

Hang some old bed sheets in your trees to make a ghostly effect. Make bats and spiders out of cardboard egg containers. With a little creativity, every decoration can come from your home, and return to it when the party is over.

3. Bake your own treats.

Waste output from candy at Halloween is huge. Reduce it by baking monster shaped cookies, brownies and other treats for your party guests.

4. Purchase treats with recyclable packaging.

If you have no time to bake, go for the Smarties. Buy candy that’s packaged in cardboard. Pour that candy in a bowl, and recycle the boxes right away.

5. Use your own dishes

McLaughlin says avoid biodegradable cups and dishes, as they don’t break down in typical backyard compost. Instead, use your own dishes, and be a friend to the garbage man’s back.

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