Stoning Mary sidesteps categories

Calgary-based band Stoning Mary has broken free of music’s labels and barriers, and entered a world of limitless creativity.

Stoning Mary formed in the summer of 2007 and even the origin of the band’s name comes from a place of passion.

“I was on the beach reading a story in the bible about Mary Magdalene and how she was stoned to death, being accused of adultery,” says Angus Wilson, lead guitarist and vocalist. “(Our name) means do not judge, or ‘throw stones,’ and accept everyone for who they are.”

The band began with twin brothers Angus and Bryan Wilson. They had their first gig, a charity fundraiser for breast cancer and called on their lifelong friend Marc Eshleman, a SAIT Media and Production Design alumni, to play guitar for them.

“After we got off stage we thought, that was fun. Let’s be a band,” says Wilson. The band’s latest edition is bass player Joel Frasier, who joined this past May.

Not conforming to any one genre of music, the band chooses their sound based on whatever is new and hot at the moment.  This approach results in inspiration from mostly rock and alternative music.

“Music is always changing. We just create out of what we love at the moment,” says Wilson.
Their lack of genre makes the band distinctive in that they can write without rules. “It is the ultimate freedom, having no barriers,” says Frasier.

Stoning Mary headlines the Rusty Cage Central’s Halloween costume party on Oct. 31.

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