SAIT gets defensive

As a woman it’s important to know how to defend yourself if you ever get into a sticky situation. SAIT recreational department is offering a women’s self defence class Nov. 16 – 30.

Instructor, Trudy Fossey is a fifth-degree black belt instructor in karate and is ready to help women learn the techniques to defend themselves.

Fossey has taught self-defence for eight years at SAIT and has refined karate techniques in a way to teach woman and kids in a quick and fun way. “The class is great fun, combining techniques with some game-like activities that will get your adrenaline going,” says Fossey.

Fossey shares her top five pointers every woman should know about self-defence:

1. Stay safe. Don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger.
2. Draw attention to the situation. Use your support system.
3. Do not run to a secluded location to “get away.”
4. Give a shot of pain to detract
5. Release and escape.

In Fossey’s class students walk away with the ability to detect potential situations in the early stages and various ways to get away.

“You will have more confidence to deal with life if you know that you have the tools,” says Fossey.
For more information, contact SAIT recreation at 403-284-8734.

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