Rocky Horror hits mainstream

What was once a freaky and fringe culture, is now part of our cultural lexicon. In fact, the Rocky Horror Picture Show has become so much the stuff of pop culture that it was featured on the Halloween episode of Glee, everyone’s favourite musical dramedy.

“This year is the 35th anniversary of Rocky Horror and it is as strong as ever, maybe stronger,” says Phillip Liesemer of Hole in the Wall studios.  “As far as mainstream goes, I believe Rocky Horror is more-or-less mainstream. I rarely talk to anyone that hasn’t heard of it.”

Most musicals have a loyal following, but none of them can compare to the larger-than-life following of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. And its shift to an even more mainstream presence can be seen as Glee fans obsess over learning about an important icon from before they were born.

Liesemer, who organizes Rocky Horror events in Calgary, says the popularity of musical theatre isn’t increasing attendance at showings. “However, it does bring in a new group of people who want to get more involved by shadow casting in the show,” he says. “We are always looking for people who want to get more involved. Like the movie says: don’t dream it, be it.”

The biggest draw of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is the audience participation. A list of props and when they are used is available at holeinthewallstudios.ca.

In Calgary, Rocky Horror fans and newbies can even buy a prop kit at the theatre. This film is one of the first and best movies to revolutionize audience participation.

To get involved in this tradition all you need is an open mind and come with a willingness to have fun.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be running every night at the Plaza theatre in Kensington from Oct. 29 to 31. Advance tickets can be purchased at the Plaza box office.

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