ACAD students wear their art on their sleeves

While Lady Gaga’s critics may think what she wears on a day-to-day basis resembles garish costumes, fibre instructor at ACAD Dee Fontans, and the students she teaches, see Gaga’s look as the upcoming trend in fashion.

“It’s exciting to see people take more risks and wearing statement pieces,” said Fontans.

On Nov. 4, Art Central will host the 1604 Wear Your Art on Your Sleeve event presented by the students of Fontans’ wearable art class.

Students will showcase wearable art pieces made out of anything from silicone and CDs, to comic books and needles.

Fontans says with pop artists taking style risks, guerilla fashion is becoming a part of mainstream culture.

Student Damian Espinosa, whose piece is made out of comic books, said he knew little about the fashion world before taking Fontans’ class.

“I gathered my sense of style from the ‘90s, so I decided to combine the romantic world with video games and comics.”

Dayna Ellen, another of Fontans’ students, designed a piece in the show called Slum Dog Couture.
Her inspiration came from a fusion of high fashion and social awareness.

“Last year I began working with the idea of sweatshops and how most clothing is not conflict-free,” said Ellen. “(My piece) shows the parasitic relationship between Western greed that takes advantage of the lack of development in the East. It’s a juxtaposition of the beautiful and the deconstructive.”

Ellen finds people are mixing and matching more than ever, using more adventurous items.
“This is such a great show, because you get to push the boundaries and comforts of fashion,” said Ellen. “It’s something we should be doing in all aspects of life.

“I think a lot of people feel intimidated to wear more daring pieces, but this (event) shows that you can do that and you can wear these things in the real world.”

For information, visit artcentral.ca.

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