PCK student in running for top recipe

Aromas of sautéed garlic, mushrooms and freshly picked parsley from SAIT’s culinary garden fill every corner of the kitchen. Professional culinary student Cassandra Simmonds is cooking her soon-to-be famous creamy mushroom capellini.
Her recipe for this delicious concoction has been voted into the top three of the Knorr Stock Exchange recipe contest. The top three contending recipes will be judged by chefs Marco Pierre White and Jérôme Ferrer.
The creator of the winning recipe will spend a day in London, England with White, who mentored chef Gordon Ramsay.
Simmonds’ desire to win moved beyond culinary genius by creating an aggressive campaign to win. With help from her mentors at SAIT and her mom’s aid in creating a Facebook page, she easily surpassed the other competitors by jumping ahead by dozens of votes every day.
“I asked for a little bit of help and they went above and beyond,” said Simmonds.
It’s obvious from the way she works that Simmonds is more comfortable in front of boiling pots and sizzling pans, and wielding knives capable of cutting through sequoias than she is sitting in front of a computer snagging votes. She cuts, dices, slices, sears and mixes with ease.
Whether it’s by adding salt and pepper or tweaking recipes, Simmonds is always trying to perfect flavour in her creations.
“I like being able to taste something and know what to put in there to make it taste better,” said Simmonds.
At 15, her inspiration came while working at a café attached to a pub.  She would sneak over every once in a while to watch the cooks work.  “They let me in the kitchen and I just never left.”

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