National gold lures Ook to Trojans

Aaron Corbett, Photo

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Johann Hernandez played many sports growing up, but he found himself “always dreaming about going away to play volleyball at a high level.”
These dreams led Hernandez to Canada, lst year where he landed in Edmonton playing volleyball for the NAIT Ooks.
However, the SAIT Trojans’ winning pedigree lured Hernandez to Calgary and his new team this year.
“I was very interested in this program since a long time ago,” says Hernandez. “And when SAIT won provincials and the gold medal at Nationals, I decided I wanted to be part of this program.”
So Hernandez got in touch with coach Ryan Marsden and ultimately left NAIT for the Trojans.
Though Hernandez looks back on his time at NAIT with fondness and is excited to play against his old teammates, he states “I am already a Trojan, and I will do everything possible to lead my team to the win.”
Hernandez credits his family for the encouragement and support that allowed him to pursue his volleyball dreams. Now, this support continues in the form of his new teammates, as Hernandez believes “we are not just teammates, we are a family too.”
Marsden says he strives to create this bond within his team. “The team becomes their family, their support group. We help one another succeed both on and off the court,” Marsden says.
“Being a good ambassador of the program is important to me,” says Marsden. “I believe these guys can become model citizens.”

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