Anna Salt on derby girls

Her name is Karyann Dorn, but you can call her Anna Salt.
That’s Dorn’s derby name when she straps on her skates and becomes her butt-kicking alter ego in the Calgary Roller Derby Association (CRDA).
This roller derby is not the stuff that you might have seen in the ‘70s and ‘80s, or even the wrestle mania inspired roller jam of the ‘90s.
Dorn’s derby is part of a sub-culture that reflects the style of the rockabilly rocker, the punk, the alternative and the vintage eclectic. But don’t get her wrong.  It’s not about fishnets and short skirts. Dorn is serious about her sport.
“To be a derby girl takes a lot time and patience,” says Dorn, who is currently a SAIT student in the Pharmacy Technician Program. “A lot of girls want to join for the costumes and the glamour of it all.”
To join the league, Dorn says women have to be willing to work hard. Tryouts are held periodically throughout the year. If a skater makes it through, she spends time as ‘fresh meat.’
After learning the basics, she’ll be drafted to a team where she’ll continue to learn about the sport.
Dorn will be playing her fourth year with CRDA. She played her first two seasons with the Cut Throat Carhops, and now plays for the B-52 Bellas.
Dorn and her alter ego Anna Salt have somewhat different personalities. “Anna curses like a sailor,” she says with a mischievous grin.
League newcomer and teammate Charlotte Muller, who goes by the name Lady Speedstick, says she’s happy to be teammates with both Dorn and Anna Salt. “She is a nice girl who can block the hell out of people.” Dorn goes on to say that derby is a great way to shed some unwanted pounds, but it’s also dangerous and players can get hurt if they’re not careful.
The current CRDA season ended in August but kicks up again in April. In the meantime, the teams are working hard to make sure they’re ready to take each other out in the spring and claim themselves champions.
“I would love it if my team learns to work together to kick ass and go to the championship,” says Dorn.

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