A couple prepares to select a movie or television show for a night of entertainment. (Photo by Rebecca Hardcastle)

When universes collide

The struggle of translating television shows into movies  Discussions have been held for years debating the fact that movies made from books are never as good, but no one seems to mention just how bad movies made from TV shows can be as well.  For years Hollywood has tried to …


SAITSA working with ASEC

In February 2017, the SAITSA Board of Directors (BOD) voted to become probationary members of the Alberta Student Executive Council (ASEC), as a step towards leaving the lobby group.  “Governance last year was really terrible. They just weren’t paying attention and they weren’t keen to details. It wasn’t using best …

Second-year broadcast television student Madison Colbow reflects on her two years at SAIT in the Aldred Centre on Wednesday, March 29. Colbow came to Calgary from Estevan, Sask., to play for the Trojans women's hockey team. Her favourite memories here are those spent at the SAIT Arena and all of the friends she made along the way. Colbow plans to attend the University of Saskatchewan next fall where she will take courses toward a Bachelor of Arts. Photo by Madison Casavant /SAIT)

Perspectives changed by a year of reflection

As the end of the school year fast approaches, I find myself thinking about how I got here and why I’m so glad I stayed. Before coming to SAIT, I spent five years at the University of Calgary studying political science, followed by two years of figuring out what the …

Spencer Olsen reads a book before show time at Cineplex in Eau Claire Market in Calgary on Tuesday, March 28, 2017. Olsen loves romantic comedies. (Photo by Aly Khan/SAIT)

The movie versus the book

The age-old debate Books versus movies, it’s a debate that has been going on forever. Which is better? I am in favour of the book side. I often find the movies seldom live up to the books that came before them. Why is it so hard for Hollywood to stick …

Monique Haudegrand, first-year respiratory therapy student stands with her books in hand in one of the many aisles of the Reg Erhardt Library at SAIT on Friday, March 24, 2017. Along with completing her schooling Monique also runs her own business called Pure Metta Creations. (Photo by Rebecca Hardcastle/SAIT)

Character-defining careers

When I graduated from high school I picked the city in Alberta farthest away from my hometown, packed my bags and moved, all in the span of one day. The University of Lethbridge was not where I wanted to be. I didn’t know where I wanted to be, but attending …


City taxes will be paving Haitian roads

Calgary to donate $25,000 to Haiti When paying municipal taxes one would, and frankly should, expect that their money is going towards local roads, not those 5,099 kms away. On Monday, March 13, 2017, Ward 11 councillor, Brian Pincott brought forth a motion that would send $25,000 of Calgary’s reserve …

Students pose for a photo for the Weal newspaper story, 'Social media affects on relationships' on March. 4, 2017. (Photo by Katerina Kotsaftis/SAIT)

Social media coming between good old fashioned social skills

The media, which we choose to communicate with, can in turn define the context of the message itself. SAIT students should be careful when choosing how and what they talk about. We live in a world that is given context every day through multiple small social cues. Inflection of voice, …


Fourth Canadian sanctuary city offers safe haven for illegal aliens

Montréal is the latest Canadian city to announce their status as a sanctuary, which begs the question whether or not Calgary should follow suit. Although criticised for being largely symbolic and carrying no legal standing, sanctuary cities make is so municipal police forces are discouraged, but not banned, from helping …

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Freedom to be heard

Inconsistencies around freedom of speech The freedom to voice your opinion is among the most cherished liberties that we observe as members of a free and democratic society. But the freedom of speech means nothing without the freedom to be heard. For this reason, the laws which protect our right …


Good governance

Campaigning for politicians to deliver on promises Political campaigns are based on the platform of lofty, ill-advised and unachievable goals, followed immediately by disappointment and broken promises. Voters cast their equally ignorant ballots based partially on these promises and the celebrity factor of their preferred candidate, whether it be a …

Illustration by Evan Brien

Overcoming grief

Dealing with loss as a student My grandfather, Stanley Bridge, died on Feb. 2, 2017. It was my father’s birthday. Keeping up with schoolwork has been difficult for this past month, but dealing with the death of a loved one is not something that comes easy to anyone. Unfortunately for …

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The locavore awakens

The gimmick of eating local food Eating locally-sourced food feels great, but has unseen consequences. The movement to eat local has become so trendy that the term locavore has come to be used by those who subscribe to the movement. The term locavore was created by Jessica Prentice, Local Food …


Payment or publicity

Artists feel forced to choose between paid work or exposure It can’t be a coincidence that exposure is something you can die from. The dictionary defines environmental exposure as, “A physical condition resulting from being outside in severe weather conditions without adequate protection.” This is exactly what will happen to …


YYC cycling infrastructure

Calgary cycling project met with disapproval Anyone who has been to Amsterdam knows that cyclists own the city. It is a part of their identity. You’ll find mothers riding bikes with toddlers stacked five high on the way to the grocery store, as well as the elderly pedalling through the …

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Sacrifices of a student

The unfortunate reality of giving up pastimes for school Just about everybody who picks up and reads this paper is a student. But, nobody is just a student. We all have interests we want to pursue outside of our academic careers. But, between class time, assignments and studying, school leaves …

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Every vote matters

Trudeau calls off pursuit of Electoral Reform Justin Trudeau campaigned to be the Canadian Prime Minister based on a platform of ending our first-past-the-post electoral system. It turns out campaign promises were meant to be broken. “We are committed to ensuring that 2015 will be the last federal election conducted …

(Photo by Aly Khan)

Over-caffeinated chatter

Coffee drinkers need to stop talking about coffee When I was quite young, my mother and I used to drive out to Kelowna for a week each summer to visit my grandparents. My mother would pack the car and brew a pot of coffee before waking me up at 3 …

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Alberta separation angst

The quiet rumblings of Alberta separatism Growing up in rural Alberta, the name Trudeau was treated like a dirty word. The introduction of the National Energy Program (NEP) by Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau in 1980 had never been forgiven.  Prime Minster Pierre Trudeau introduced the program in October 1980 …

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Unethically sourced food

Infringement of basic animal rights in the meat industry We live in a society in which people are beginning to become more cognizant of the food they put in their bodies. Whether it’s checking the caloric intake of a jelly-filled donut, or ensuring their coffee beans are ethically sourced, society …

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Crafting a memorable story

Why some novels stand the test of time and others are forgotten There is an ocean of difference between a great work of art and a good work of art. And, as any reader can attest, literature is no exception. Good books can entertain. They can make a person consider …