Booty making waves

Marking Alberta’s second annual Peak Performance Project happening throughout October, among the twelve artists showcased, one act, known for their self-described “booty-wave” music stands out from their fuzzed out peers. Known as Beach Season, the young Calgary duo are making waves with their signature R&B sound. And, being one of …


SAIT embarks on rebranding

Opportunities for student involvement in the lengthy process include surveys and online forums SAIT last rebranded in 1998 and a lot has changed in those 17 years. There were around 10,000 full-time students in 1998 and in 2014 there were 15,000. SAIT’s campus has expanded along with its program offerings, …


Inspiring leaders of today, touring film festival comes to Calgary

A touring film festival from Telluride, Colorado, dedicated to activism and the outdoors, will be arriving in Calgary on Oct. 21. Called Mountainfilm on Tour, SAIT Polytechnic will host this year’s last Canadian stop on Telluride Mountainfilm’s annual world tour. Henry Lystad, director of Mountainfilm on Tour, said his organization’s objective …


Women’s hockey preview

The Trojans women’s hockey team will be bringing their “A-game” on the ice this season, as they plan to bring home the gold. “I’m really excited for the season,” said coach Terry Larson. “We have a bunch of great returning players, as well as rookies coming in that are really …


SAIT students pledge to vote

Get Out The Vote campaigns to get 750 students to the polls for the upcoming federal elections For every person aged 18 to 24 that voted in the 2011 election, there were nearly two voters aged 65 to 74. In an effort to tackle the low voter turnouts of young …


A charity worth “checking” out

Team Shan will be celebrating their five-year anniversary as a national charity, as well as their fifth year working with the Trojans. Team Shan works to raise awareness for breast cancers. With the Trojans they raise awareness for women on SAIT campus. “What makes our charity great is it’s partnership …


SAITSA proposes new students’ building

Referendum vote set for Nov. 4 to 6, offering students choice to release funds for new building The future of SAIT’s campus is in the hands of students. Since 2009, over a third of students’ fees were allocated to a building fund, and a referendum on Nov. 4 to 6 …


Kaska artist emphasizes connection with exhibition and demonstration

ACAD’s Main Mall reverberated with song, the strum of guitar and the beat of a hand-drum, or “Ehilly,” as the Yukon duo performed, Friday, Sept. 25. Attended by roughly 30 people, the performance was part of a lecture and demonstration by Kaska First Nations artist Dennis Shorty, accompanied by his …


Same rules for e-cigs as cigarettes on campus

Countries such as Brazil and Singapore have banned e-cigarettes altogether.  In Canada, places such as Vancouver, Red Deer, and Calgary have prohibited vaping in all places where smoking is not allowed. These rules now include the SAIT campus. Cameron Fox, a frequent user of the e-cigarette, said that he switched …


Statistical screen sports

The clock is ticking—three, two, one, and it’s time for the most important choice of the year: who to take first in this year’s fantasy draft. For some, sports are a casual pastime you catch whenever you’ve already seen that episode of The Office, and yet for others it proves …


SAITSA fall election wraps up

After two days of voting, nine students join the BOD With nine student representatives elected to the Board of Directors (BOD), the students’ association prepares to set their goals for the upcoming year. SAIT Students’ Association (SAITSA) held its fall elections on Sept. 24 and 25, filling nine vacant spots …


Big city bunnies

Let’s talk about the bunnies. Not hares, those wild rabbits that stand the height of small children and darken the sun at the end of the street during sunrise.  We are talking cute little domestic-looking bunnies.  Their numbers seem to be growing out of control in certain areas—Bridgeland and Erlton …


Death of the bookworm

Since the first Kindle came out in 2007, there has been debate over whether eBooks have the same psychological effect as a traditional paperback. Andrea Rudiger, a second-year architecture technician student at SAIT, said she prefers reading paper to eBooks. “I like holding something tangible and the feel of flipping …


Equinox Vigil ushers a secular, creative space to mourn for recently dead

Union Cemetery, Saturday, was alit with lanterns and music as visitors mourned the loss of loved ones during the fourth annual Equinox Vigil. The vigil, held from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., commemorated the deceased—particularly Michael Greene and Richard Mcdowell, founding members of One Yellow Rabbit theatre-company—with an inclusive, non-religious …


The Calgary International Film Festival

filmmakers alike will have the chance to catch local and internationally directed films with this year’s Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF). Running from Sept. 24 to Oct. 4, the festival is held annually in multiple downtown locations and presents a unique opportunity for international and local talent to be brought …


New SAITSA app sets bar high for other campus apps

SAITSA released a new mobile app this semester, and the makers of the app have been impressed with how fast students are downloading it and making connections. Shona Sutherland is the communications coordinator for SAITSA and said OOHLALA Mobile, a Montreal-based company that is behind the app, was blown away …

Trevor Beatson inspects the decades-old clock that used to set the standard for all timekeeping on campus at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, Alta on Wednesday, June 3, 2015.  (Photo by Brent Calver)

The Clock That Time Forgot

With SAIT’s upcoming Centennial celebration, one of the historic clocks was hauled out of storage, and a former instructor hauled out of retirement to fix it up. The Weal talks with Trevor Beatson about the new old tech that used to keep SAIT running on time.


Rolling in the steep

SAIT culinary grad selling high-quality teas on campus SAIT students can now enjoy a large selection of loose-leaf teas from a local teashop that has roots within the SAIT community. The Odyssey Coffeehouse is serving a selection of traditional and blended loose-leaf teas from The Tea Factory, a café located …


Never give up

When Mitch Henry woke up today, he felt like he did back before 2012. Getting to this point, however, was an uphill battle. Growing up, Henry was an avid soccer player, starting at the age of three; he always played in the highest division. “I’ve played almost every sport, but …

freefall header

FreeFall launches final issue of 25 series

Readers and writers, both established and emerging, will be able to catch FreeFall magazine’s final issue of the season, celebrating 25 years of distinguished writing. The third issue of their 25th series will premiere with a launch event on Oct. 1, located at Shelf Life Books. The event will feature …