Echinacea tea is used to help reduce to symptoms of a cold. (Photo by Brooke Hovey)

Hello, is it tea you’re looking for?

Chicken noodle soup for a cold, a frosty pint on a hot day, Gatorade for a hangover; these are just some of the creature comforts we seek out for sweet relief from that which ails us. But can anything quite compare to a cup of tea? For countless centuries, all …

Madhatters goaltender Mel Targett drops to butterfly to make a save during an elimination playoff game against rival squad The Penguins on Mar. 2, 2015. The Madhatters won the contest by a score of 3-2, scoring the game winning goal only 17 seconds into the overtime. (Photo by Shea Johnston/SAIT Polytechnic)

Shredding the environment

For many of us, winter is a time of year to break out some cool downhill gear and hit the slopes.  Let’s face it, when the winter lasts for what feels like an eternity, it helps to have an activity to get you by until spring. As you are swooshing …

Calgarians gather at Genesis Centre to watch the Canadian Cruiser Weight Championship fight in Calgary on Friday, Dec. 11, 2015. The fight was hosted by Dekada, there were five fights throughout the evening. (Photo by Kenneth Appleby/The Press)

Fighting with sole

Pro mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters swapped out their gloves and put on some shoes as they entered the boxing ring and switched up their fighting style. Calgarian Matt Krayco, a third-year electrician at SAIT, has competed in about 15 pro MMA matches. Now at age 24, Krayco has been …

A student demonstrates the use of the Organic waste recycling bins in the Athletic Centre in Calgary on Friday, Jan. 8, 2016. (Photo by Brooke Hovey)

Compost bins celebrate first birthday

The majority of SAIT’s trash does not end up in the landfill, with around 60 per cent transported off campus to be recycled and composted. Rolled out a year ago, the green compost bins have offered another stream for waste to avoid the landfill. “It has been very successful, in …


Local artist brings insight into mental well-being through art

For a night, the Motion Gallery was an intimate space filled music, art, and connection, as part of a local dancer’s series dedicated to bringing insight in an entertaining fashion. As an effort to raise awareness in regards to mental health, Krizia Carlos, a nurse and dancer, started her first …


I miss dumplings: my initial foray into soylent only

  Statistics: Height:159 cm Weight: 82 kg Blood Pressure:126/74 (normal/pre-hypertension)BMR:1825.2   The idea of knowing full well you will be giving up something as ritualistic as eating does something to you. As an experiment for the Weal, I’ve decided to forego eating regular food, replacing my entire diet with Soylent, …


Alberta solar energy on the rise

Outlook for the solar industry in Alberta is sunny with just a few clouds Improvements in solar panel technology along with Alberta’s number of sunny days has the solar industry optimistic, but there are still hurdles to overcome. Despite the high latitudes, the Prairie provinces offer many days of sunlight, …


Q&A with Cancer Bats

Canadian hardcore kings, Cancer Bats, have had a hectic 2015. With the release of their fourth studio full-length album Searching for Zero—and getting back on the road after a near year and a half hiatus—Cancer Bats are back at it, and they’ve got their game faces on. The Weal caught …


Old habits die hard for Trojans

With their sluggish start to the season, the Trojans men’s hockey team needed to establish some consistency in their game, and last weekend against the Portage College Voyageurs, they did just that—only not in the fashion one might imagine. With both games ending in tied affairs, the weekend saw the …


Keeping the ball rolling

Parks Calgary Foundation donates $2.7 million over four years to amateur sport in the city Amateur sport funding is often the first to go when making budget cuts, which is why the Calgary Parks Foundation is so important in a recession like this. On Thursday, Nov. 12, the culmination of …


An alternative to tracking time

With homework, tests, and possibly a part-time or full-time job as well as other responsibilities to manage within the week, one can’t blame themselves for losing track of time. Héctor Flores Mendoza, a 33-year-old SAIT student and certified business coach, has specific suggestions to manage time effectively as student life takes …


Former SAIT student on wanted list

A former SAIT student who allegedly left Canada to join and fight with ISIS is now on Interpol’s most wanted list, after being charged in absentia by the RCMP in September. Farah Mohamed Shirdon, 22, was charged with six counts of terrorism charges: •Leaving Canada to participate in the activity …


Athlete of the month Francisco Miron

Francisco Miron, an electrical apprentice at SAIT, just completed his fourth season with the Trojans soccer team. Although the team did not do as well in the playoffs as they had hoped, they still fought hard. Highlights for Miron included travelling with the team, getting to know them and winning …


Femme Wave celebrates Calgary’s female artists

For their first year, Femme Wave, a self-proclaimed feminist arts festival, has brought in a host of talent—musicians, comedians, visual artists, and filmmakers. “There’s just a lot of women doing really cool things, like making really great music in the city and not being represented [fifty-fifty], the way they should …


New York artists work with ACAD students for upcoming production

Plastic shopping bags littered the Main Mall of ACAD as students collaborated with two prominent New York-based artists for their production, Toss, premiering next fall. The bags, which students cut, ironed, and attached together on Tuesday, Nov. 17, are for plans to create a glacier, a piece of their set, according …


Ethiopian eats, wholesome and cheap

Students with a tight budget looking to diversify their palate beyond that of SAIT Polytechnic’s cafeteria will be pleasantly surprised with Marathon Ethiopian restaurant location in Kensington. Owned by SAIT student Michael Bogale, the restaurant is his full-time project, offering something culturally different for those looking for something new. When …


Rent and vacancy rates rise

Both on campus and throughout the city, rent prices continue to increase as vacancy climbs Calgary’s rental market is experiencing a rise of suites available to tenants, but that has not reduced the cost of rent. Over the past year, the vacancy rate for rental units has increased from 1.4 …


Like bowling, but with axes

League combines medieval sport with backyard spirit It’s like darts, but with axes; the Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL) is a league of men and women who throw axes for fun. BATL started off in 2006 in the backyard of a Torontonian Matt Wilson, and Wilson currently serves as its …


Welding her Ohe’n path

PITA alumni finds creative expression in the metal arts From being born on a farm outside Peers, Alta. in 1937 to working with a member of the Group of Seven and founding her own art centre, Katie Ohe has had an eclectic and vast career. A sculptor whose focus is …


Mental health on campus

With the start of week eleven, it is important to remember there are many mental health awareness initiatives on campus that strive to improve the student body’s mental well-being. The pressure to stay on top of studies is at an all time high. Finals are just around the corner, and …