A record for the books

100 books to be donated to Children’s Hospital SAIT has collected 100 books from staff and students in celebration of its centennial and will be donating them to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. Karen Graham and Sandra Lee, both academic chairs for the School of Information and Communications Technologies, were the …

Teddy Ivanov (left) and Pete Balkwill (right) hold their creations at the Old Trout Puppet Workshop in Calgary on Friday, Feb. 24, 2017. The Old Trout Workshop was founded 17 years ago. (Photo by Peter Shokeir/The Weal)

Lights, camera, showtime!

Festival showcases the magical world of puppet shows The Festival of Animated Objects is preparing to flood Calgary with puppets, some of which are anatomically correct, from March 16 to 19. The Old Trout Puppet Workshop is one of the contributors for the festival and has been working with puppets …


Reading dangerously

Reading marathon draws crowd with banned books The Reg Erhardt Library managed to attract a substantial audience of daring readers for their Freedom to Read Week event on Feb. 28. Freedom to Read Week lasted from Feb. 26 to March 4. “Last year, it was more of a reading circle,” …

Photo courtesy of Alberta Theatre Projects

Gracie takes the stage

ATP presents play on polygamous Mormon life Gracie offers audience members a chance to walk in the shoes of a young woman living in a polygamous Mormon community and experience her dilemmas. Presented by Alberta Theatre Projects (ATP), the play will run from Feb. 28 to March 18 in the …

Colin Van Es loves to play with fire, which made him perfect for me when I wanted to create this picture on Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016 in Carstairs, Alberta.  (Photo by Victoria Cockriell/The Press)

Getting a GLOW on

GLOW is Calgary’s first interactive light festival An interactive light festival is about to brighten up the long winter nights, which have only added to the stress caused in these trying times. GLOW will take place in multiple downtown locations in Calgary between 6:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. nightly from …

Le Petit Russe

Album Review: Making Matters Worse

Le Trouble Making Matters Worse Indica Records (2017) Le Trouble, a Montreal-based indie band, makes music that feels like it came straight out of a ‘90s teen movie in their debut full-length album. Making Matters Worse starts off as upbeat with lively guitar playing and dreamy singing, the type of …

WAnna Cummer (wide)

Left in the dark

Vertigo Theatre adapts a classic mystery for the stage Darkness proves to be an ally against evil in the renowned play Wait Until Dark, a part of the BD&P Mystery Theatre Series, which runs from Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 at Vertigo Mystery Theatre in Calgary. “The show will really …

Dr. Derek Beaulieu, instructor of critical and creative studies at ACAD, takes a break in the graffiti stairwell at ACAD in Calgary on Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017. Beaulieu was the 2014-2016 Poet Laureate of Calgary and author of 16 books. (Photo by Ashley Orzel/SAIT)

Building a bestseller

The Weal’s guide to getting published Getting a book published is hard. Making it successful is even harder. Literary agents often get 5,000 query letters each year. As well, around 50 per cent of published books fail. Those are the same odds as a coin toss. Fortunately, there are ways …

wFinding Hope

Faith healing

Local author Irene Bryant writes about overcoming cancer A local author describes her struggle with cancer in her recently released memoir, Finding Hope in the Midst of Adversity. The book launch will take place at Owl’s Nest Books on Thursday, Jan. 26, at 7 p.m. “The book is for anyone curious …

Dezjuan Tomas (left) and Sabrina Comanescy (right) are two feature dancers in Decidedly Jazz Danceworks production of Juliet & Romeo
Photo by Trudie Lee

A classic love story, retold

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks reinvents Shakespeare Decidedly Jazz Danceworks (DJD) has reimagined William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet into an accessible and modernized production with jazz dance and pick-up lines. The production, Juliet & Romeo, will run from Jan. 18 to 28 at the DJD Dance Centre in Calgary as part of …


Building a wall around Hollywood

With Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration closing in, there is little doubt that Hollywood is preparing to unleash a barrage of satire. However, people shouldn’t be surprised if some punches are pulled. Trump is no stranger to the entertainment business. He is well known for hosting The Apprentice and has made …

Illustration by Wyatt Tremblay

Best & worst holiday films

Full-feature flicks to ring in the season For many SAIT students, there’s not much to do over the holidays other than curl up on a couch and switch on the idiot box. The least you could do is treat yourself to a holiday movie of high quality. Here’s a list …

Photo by Erin Wallace

If the shoe fits

Director adapts Cinderella for Calgary Slipper is a typical Cinderella story, except it takes place in modern Calgary and has Cinderella trying to win the Stampede talent show. The family-friendly holiday show is presented by Alberta Theatre Projects and will be running at the Martha Cohen Theatre between Nov. 22 …

The book The Promise of Canada by Charlotte Gray which goes over the history of Canada on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016. The Promise of Canada looks back on 150 years of Canadian history and asks What does it mean to be Canadian? (Photo by Chelsey Harms/SAIT)

Nation builders

Author Charlotte Gray presents new book on Canadian visionaries Charlotte Gray has recently written The Promise of Canada, a book about the unsung heroes of Canada, in light of the country’s 150th anniversary. Gray will be appearing at a WordFest-hosted event in the John Dutton Theatre at the Central Library …


Movie Review: Violent

Violent is about how living in the city kind of sucks. It’s also about how young women should immediately run away when a guy says he’s had a dream about them. Dagny Backer Johnsen plays a young Norwegian woman who, wanting companionship and bigger things, decides to move into the …

Stills from the film Violent. (Photos courtesy of Amazing Factory Productions Inc.)


Canadian film transcends language barriers Amazing Factory Productions Inc., a group of up-and-coming Canadian filmmakers, made an award-winning film in a language they don’t even speak. Andrew Huculiak, the director of Violent, said the language barrier between him and his Norwegian actors proved to be challenging. “It was a lot …

Illustration by Evan Brien

Brave New World

Westworld and Stranger Things explore new frontiers of television TV shows like Westworld and Stranger Things have managed to attract cult audiences through the power of nostalgia, while also giving viewers something new and novel. Westworld is an HBO show about a theme park populated by robot cowboys. Stranger Things, …

Still from the film Burn Your Maps, which was filmed in Alberta.

Movie Review: Burn Your Maps

Burn Your Maps is about a mother who absconds to Mongolia with her son so she can indulge his psychotic delusions about being a goat herder. Of course, that’s not what the official synopsis says. That’s just what I got out of it. The movie is more literally about a …

Jordan Roberts, the director of "Burn Your Maps" is sitting at the Ramada in downtown Calgary on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016. Roberts has been working in the movie industry for 23 years. (Photo by Peter Shokeir/The Weal)

Burnt maps and big screens

Director Jordan Roberts brings his vision of Mongolia to Alberta Jordan Roberts, the director and writer of Burn Your Maps, filmed a  good portion of his movie in Calgary and surrounding areas. Roberts, who also co-wrote Big Hero 6, and the narration for March of the Penguins, came to Calgary …

Anthropologist and photographer, Wade Davis, will be presenting a collection of his work at a WordFest event on Oct. 7 at the Glenbow Museum. (Photo by Ryan Hill)

A different point of view

World famous photographers showcase their work Two world-famous photographers are coming to Calgary to promote their new books at a WordFest event in the Glenbow Museum Theatre on Oct. 7. Wade Davis and Luis Fabini collaborated on Cowboys of the Americas, while Wade Davis: Photographs is a solo undertaking by …