Essential oils from Sage in Crossiron Mills in Balzac. 
Photo by Aly Khan

Aroma therapy

Although essential oils are thought to be only used for things like sleep and colds, they might just change the way you smell.  Essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences derived from the wild that can aid in both the physical and psychological realm of life.  Aroma therapist Katie Maedel …

Illustration by Evan Brien

Roommate dynamics

How to have a successful relationship with your roommates The Weal sat down with petroleum engineering technology student Derek Wieliczko to talk about how he deals with living alongside three roommates in SAIT’s residence.  The Weal: What was it like when you first met your roommates compared to now? Derek …


Get up and go

Tips for getting ready and out of the door fast One of the greatest feelings is finding yourself tucked in warm and cozy. But after realizing that you’re an hour late for class, that feeling is instantly terminated. Trying to maximize time can be quite hard for non-early birds. Packing …

Weal story Surviving the Flu Season - Picture of student sneezing while reading. (Photo by Katerina Kotsaftis/SAIT)

Beating the bug

Flu season is upon us It’s that time of year again. No, not Christmas or springtime. It’s flu season. Whip out your cold medicine, anti-bacterial gloves and facemask, and let’s get down to it.  Influenza is a commonly overlooked illness people get in the wintertime, but it can become quite …

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Transcending differences

Making campuses more inclusive for all Whether it’s a career choice, a different lifestyle, or an internal change, everyone hopes to be who he or she truly is, without the fear of judgment or shame placed upon them. Dr. Lee Airton, who has a PhD in language, culture and teaching …

Everyone needs tips to surviving Sephora, especially around Christmas time. The location of this Sephora is at Chinook Mall in Calgary, Alberta.
(Photo by Victoria Cockriell/The Press)

Slayin’ in Sephora

How to conquer the makeup giant Welcome to Sephora, any beauty lovers make-up haven.  For a newbie, or those who haven’t mastered the art of staying strong-willed while shopping, seeing all the merchandise, brands and testers can be overwhelming. As a make-up lover myself, I have learned this fearful art …

Colin Van Es demonstrated the isolation and darkness that social media can bring in one's life in Calgary on Friday, Dec. 9, 2016.  It can consume one's day and have negative effects on one's life. (Photo by Victoria Cockriell/The Press)

Trapped in the inter web

Social media and self-esteem Social media is the greatest worldwide connection humans have created since the days of mailing letters to each other. The way people are connecting is faster, easier and more sociable, but at some point, social media starts to influence our real lives. With the advent of …

Victoria Cockriell and Colin Van Es take a crack at decorating ugly christmas socks in Calgary on Saturday, Nov. 26, 2016. Christmas is all about being festive and making crafts. (Photo by Victoria Cockriell/The Press)

I’ll be broke for Christmas

D.I.Y. Christmas gifts for the student budget While Christmas may be filling you up with eggnog, carols and cherished times, it will definitely be emptying your wallet.  The pressure to give better gifts while also trying to save up for a new iPhone 700-something can kill your bank account.  But …

Male Contraception. (Photo by Deanna Hasselaar/SAIT)

Side effects may include: life

Innovation in male contraception raises controversy When it comes to male contraception, many people aren’t convinced that the side effects are worth the long-term protection it comes with.  A new study for male birth control published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, found that an injectable hormone could …


Album Review: We Move

James Vincent McMorrow We Move (2016) Dine Alone Records Irish singer-songwriter, James Vincent McMorrow, has released a third installment of striking lyrics, symphonic tones and exhilarating beats with his new album, We Move. The new album, released Sept. 2, contains 10 full, rich songs, which make up a story that …