SAIT students add to their job application arsenal

SAIT is now offering verification of volunteer experience on campus with the creation of a Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

“Co-curricular credits were something I thought was kind of cool. It was a way for students to get some more recognition for their volunteering,” said Daniel Caine, a third year SAIT business administration student.

The CCR transcript officially became active in January 2018, activities will not be included retroactively.

“It helps them [students] get a job in the future. It’s also kind of nice thing for people to have for the future for bragging rights, and say ‘yes I have this, I’ve done this and people can verify it,’” said Caine.

CCR’s are an official document that works with a student’s academic transcript to highlight the skills they have learned outside the classroom through their participation in co-curricular activities. These activities are validated by SAIT and then added to the CCR transcript.

“I find it fun, I find it enjoyable and it’s a great educational experience for and to help the students,” said Caine, adding that what motivated his involvement in various SAIT and SAITSA activities on campus.

A CCR verification includes activities such as peer tutoring, Skills Canada electrical trades training, peer mentorship, Aviation Student Alliance Club and Four-year electrical tutoring. Students are also able to suggest activities on campus that should be included as a CCR.

Caine has not had the opportunity to apply for a CCR transcript yet, but plans on applying soon.

“It’s supposed to be a pretty good way for students to get verifiable transcripts of their volunteering to put beside their resumes,” said Caine.

CCR’s are encouraged to include roles that encompass social responsibility, leadership, collaboration, spiritual awareness, intellectual growth, enhanced self-awareness, effective communication, creativity and innovation, professionalism, critical thinking and problem solving, appreciating diversity and health and wellness behavior.

“I like to network, get more information, be part of something bigger and gain experience. It {CCR}looks great on resumes. I have fun and like to be involved,” said Jessica Beddow, a SAIT Travel and Tourism student. Beddow is involved with various committees, clubs and governance roles across the campus.

Participation in CCR’s are encouraged at SAIT because of the opportunity given to students to network in their industries, strengthen their skill sets, engage in new activities, strengthen their resume and increase their ability to enter the work force.

“I meet some great people and get to brainstorm with people from all different walks of life. They help with my social skills and adapting to different situations,” said Beddow.

Students can apply for a CCR on My Career Hub to receive an industry-recognized certificate that can then be shared with potential employers.

Some of the benefits of a CCR include using the record when applying for jobs, having documentation of their skills and experiences they have gained, helping in preparing for discussing skills in interviews and serving as an objective record to share with potential employers validating their skills.

Students are required to enter their co-curricular database on My Career Hub by May 15, 2018.

After completing their transcripts, students will be able to access them permanently.

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