SAIT’s culture is success

Students contribute to a unique campus culture

Culture is one of those funny words that gets tossed around a lot without people stopping to think about what it really means.

When applied to its most basic level, culture simply means a common set of ideas or traditions that govern a group of people, based on an amalgamation of definitions.

This poses a problem for SAIT students.

With quick turnover times here at school, and with students in such multi-disciplinary studies, is it possible for SAIT students to form a culture amongst themselves? I think the answer to that question is a resounding yes.

It’s a culture centred on the success of students.

Jean Dube, an aboriginal student advisor at Chinook Lodge, thinks that the quick turnaround time at SAIT is what contributes towards that culture.

“There is no time for monkeying around,” said Dube.

“Students have a drive here, it’s intense and has a high success rate.”

Dube said because the students are so focused and driven, they can get more from SAIT than other post-secondaries.

They already come into SAIT knowing what they want from it, instead of spending time and money trying to discover that.

Institutions such as ACAD or the U of C have cultures that feel different and distinct from SAIT. That doesn’t mean there’s absence of culture here, but rather a different approach to the way we do things.

Culture is everywhere you go here. The iconic look of Heritage Hall, the Chinook Lodge, and even the two-dollar hotdogs that have saved many a student, are all examples of the culture found here on SAIT campus.

Go across the tracks to ACAD and it becomes immediately apparent what the school is there for. There is art everywhere, and even the school itself at times feels cliché as being an art school. The walls are half painted in places, and nude paintings stare down at you.

SAIT’s vision is “to be a global leader in applied education,” but there is not one overall mission here that all students subscribe to. Instead, many goals drive each student towards their own success.

Alex Dandonneault, a second-year automotive service technician apprentice, has never attended another post-secondary school but believes SAIT’s culture is perfect for him.

“Especially for apprenticeships. I can’t think of a better way,” said Dandonneault.

Dandonneault said that the instructors are the key to his success here at the school.

“They definitely know what they’re talking about; it’s not some random person up there teaching.”

SAIT has a pedigree of success and the heritage of the school becomes more important with our centennial celebration.

With 100 years of students training here has left behind a legacy.

This is a school that is recognized on an international stage. 

Our alumni have won the Order of Canada and have served as artists and politicians.

This is a school that knows how to make students who can make an immediate impact in their respective fields.

SAIT is better today than in past years, and will be even better tomorrow. This is because of the students who attend school here work to make it a better place.

The short turnover times create a population of students who need to be driven.

We need to learn more in less time than our peers at other post-secondary schools.

We are not a school for those who want to coast, but rather a school for those with focus and drive.

While studying here, take the time to look for what makes SAIT unique. There are many reasons to be proud of the educations received here.

We do have a culture on campus, and it’s one of success. 

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