Don’t sweat it

Born Ruffians will show off new album at the Gateway on Nov.26

Born Ruffians’ fans should expect to be sweated upon, said Ruffians’ bassist Mitch Derosier about the band’s upcoming show at the Gateway.

The band is on tour for their recently released album RUFF, released a few short weeks after the release of their fifth studio album and will be playing at SAIT’s Gateway alongside Young Rival on Nov. 26 at 8 p.m.

Derosier said RUFF is his personal favourite album, as all of the previous albums have lead up to it, and that this one feels the most complete.

“We started work on RUFF probably a year and a half ago, if not longer,” said Derosier. “We spent a lot of time demoing, and writing around 50 or 60 songs before narrowing it down to the ones we felt fit the RUFF vibe.” The Ruffians also took a different approach in the writing of RUFF, said Derosier.

“RUFF draws inspiration from many places,” Derosier said. “Lyrically, Luke took a very personal and literal approach to these songs, as many of them are about being in a band or touring or the relationship between an audience and a performer. The themes of the record come from a darker, raw place and we wanted elements of the music to reflect that too.” RUFF’s smash hit “We Made It” happens to be the band’s top pick for a song to end off a set.

“We usually play it last, which means I can use up the rest of whatever energy I have left, which usually means destroying my neck head banging,” said Derosier.

According to Derosier, the Born Ruffians intend on rewriting songs that didn’t make it onto RUFF, and use those songs on an upcoming release.

“A lot of tracks were collaborations with other bands too, which would be fun to focus on,” said Derosier.

Born Ruffians unique aesthetic is born from the band’s pasts being with deeply rooted in music, with both singer Luke Lalonde and bassist Mitch Derosier coming from musically inclined families.

“Both Luke and I grew up around music,” Derosier said. “In high school we met our original drummer Steve and started playing together after seeing the Strokes on SNL. From there we moved to Toronto to try to tour and now it’s 2015 and we’re still doing it. Crazy.” Born Ruffians has too many influences to count, said Derosier, but he named The Strokes, Talking Heads, Violent Femmes, Pixies, the Aardvark Boys and David Bowie as bands who played a role in the formation of their sound.

The band is excited to come back to perform in Calgary, but Derosier also said that he does not have an overall favourite venue to perform at.

“They’re all so closely associated with how the show went. The Danforth in Toronto is great. Lincoln Hall in Chicago is also great. I have a billion great memories from the Troubador in LA. Whatever place we played in Shanghai was cool because it was in Shanghai and that blew my tiny mind.” When Born Ruffians aren’t on tour, Derosier likes to watch professional wrestling and spend time with his dog Charlie. “Luke lives in New York and does cool New York stuff, Andy and Adam play in about 109 other bands collectively,” said Derosier.

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