Second-year journalism student Robyn Hertz asks the SAIT campus: “Where should people be allowed to smoke e-cigarettes?”

(800)Pejman-Pour-Abed“Anywhere outside, because the organic material on them could still be hazardous”
Pejman Pour Abed, Water Treatment Operator


“It should be allowed on campus. I don’t like the smell of it in general”
   Rae Anne Cruz, First year Business Administration


“Anywhere outdoors, because the substance on the visible smoke being exhaled is unknown.”
Paul Bailey, Apprentice Insulator

(800)Dupe-Okolie“Outdoors. It could be harmful for other people especially for those who have respiratory diseases.”
Dupe Okolie, First year Business Administration

(800)Nitin-Gupta“Only in particular place, it should not be everywhere. The person smoking it,
is potentially harming other people”
Nitin Gupta, First year Information Technology


“As much as possible, not around the campus. Smoking and second smoking can cause cancer,
so it’s not a good idea to have it in the campus”
Navpreet Sidhu, Engish Language Foundation

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